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Redline - Movie2k Movie PosterMovie2k Movies – Redline Synopsis

Redline is a 2009 science fiction auto racing anime film produced by Madhouse and released in Japan on October 9, 2010. The directorial debut feature of Takeshi Koike, it features the voices of Takuya Kimura, Yū Aoi and Tadanobu Asano, and an original story by Katsuhito Ishii, who also co-writes and sound directs.

Redline is set in the distant future, where a man known as JP takes on great risks for the chance of winning the titular underground race.

After a total of seven years in production, Redline was intended to premiere at the 2009 Annecy International Animated Film Festival and follow Summer Wars, Mai Mai Miracle and Yona Yona Penguin as the fourth and final feature film Madhouse planned to release between summer 2009 and spring 2010.

However, further delays saw the Redline world premiere pushed back a few months to August 14, 2009, at the Locarno International Film Festival and its Japanese release to fall 2010.



Movie2k Movies – Redline Plot

“Sweet” JP nearly wins a race on the “Yellowline” against various sorts of racers, including aliens, most who use massive vehicles with jet engines, but his car is sabotaged by his friend and mechanic Frisbee. Frisbee and JP were sent to prison for fixing races for the mafia, are doing so again to keep racing. While recuperating in the hospital he finds out he was selected for the “Redline” despite not qualifying in the last race due to popular demand, and because 2 racers withdrew.

The Redline race this year takes place on Roboworld, a militaristic planet where many of the people are cyborgs. The Roboworld government is violently opposed to the race being held on their planet as they have several secret projects, including a giant golden “baby” bioweapon called Funky Boy. JP and the other racers are transported to a backwater planet near Roboworld to prepare. There he meets Sonoshee the winner of the race he lost, and unknown to her, a women he met before either of them started racing professionally. After meeting several oddball racers, and almost seducing Sonoshee, he has to repair and refit his car. With Frisbee acting as the designer and a friend of theirs, a 4 armed old man procuring parts, they aim to make a high power racecar.

Various colorful characters are in the final race, “Machinehead” a machine man and the reigning champion, “Super Boins” a pair of pop idols from a magical planet, a blue gorilla-like alien Cop, a pair of bounty hunters, an AWOL Roboworld officer who joins mid race, and others. Guerillas on Roboworld as well as the Bounty Hunter team, sabotage Roboworld’s defenses, making the race less than suicidal. JP, Sonoshee, and the other racers are race through across the planet under heavy attack from the Roboworld military.

During the race the guerillas attempt to unleash Funky Boy, but are unable to until one of the racers crashed into the containment facility. Funky Boy goes on a rampage, destroying most of the Roboworld units. One of the Roboworld officers merges with another Bioweapon to fight against Funky Boy while the race continues

Just before Funky Boy is released Sonoshee’s car is wrecked by the military units. JP allows her to join him in continuing the race. Frisbee who was forced to make another deal with the Mafia is almost killed when he refuses to sabotage JP’s car again, but is saved by the 4 armed scrounger, and they watch the race. The final part has Machinehead with JP/Sonoshee as the leaders. Machinehead uses a super nitro booster, and Sonoshee reciprocates with a nitro container she kept as a momento. Both racers blaze towards the final line, their cars falling apart as they do so.

The finish line is at the top of a tower, with a ramp appearing before them. Needing a final boost, the explosive detonator is accidentally pressed, which instead acts as a booster rocket for JP and Sonoshee. Machinehead follows by morphing into a rocket form. Just before the finish line JP’s car finally falls apart, but he, Sonoshee, and Machinehead reach for the finish line. JP and Sonoshee barely makes it before Machinhead, with he and Sonoshee kissing at the end while flying. The other racers, exhausted and in awe remark about the incredible.

Following his dream, “Sweet” JP becomes a racer and gains a large following because of his retro-style sense of fashion and his frequent and spectacular crashes toward the ends of his races. He gets by with money the mob pays him for losing, although he is out on bail for something possibly related to match-fixing.

During a qualification race called the Yellowline, JP’s engine explodes. On the verge of giving up, he learns that, by popular vote, he has qualified for the prestigious no-rules race called Redline after two other drivers dropped out. The reason behind this is that the government of Roboworld, the military planet with many people who are cyborgs, the racE is to take place on, is opposed to the race and has threatened anyone participating with death to keep their military secrets safe. JP participates in Redline in spite of the danger.

Movie2k Movies – Redline Cast

Movie2k Movies – Redline Production Notes

Redline was produced by Madhouse and directed by Takeshi Koike, who also wrote the storyboard and served as unit director and animation director. The film’s producers were Yukiko Koike and Kentarō Yoshida. Masahiro Fukushima served as executive producer. The task of writing the script was shared by Yoji Enokido, Katsuhito Ishii, and Yoshiki Sakurai. The film’s character designs, original and otherwise, were done by Katsuhito Ishii, who also served as one of the film’s sound directors, the other being Youji Shimizu.

The film’s music was composed by James Shimoji.

According to Tim Maughan of Anime News Network, Redline was released several years later than originally planned. Its development took seven years and used 100,000 hand-made drawings, which Maughan notes is all the more unusual as it is Koike’s directorial debut.

Redline was initially meant to premiere at the 2009 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, where it would have competed in the Feature Film category. Instead, it premiered during the Locarno International Film Festival in August of the same year. Several more advance screenings were done at international film festivals during 2010. In May, Redline was shown during the Sci-Fi-London 9. In June, it participated in Annecy 2010 in the category “Feature Films out of competition”. During September, it was shown in Australia and New Zealand as part of Reel Anime 2010. Redline was shown in Austin, Texas on September 23, and in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 15 as part of the Scotland Loves Anime film festival. At the 2010 Nantes Utopiales Sci-Fi festival, the film received the special mention of jury and public.

The film opened in Japan on October 9, 2010. Coinciding with this, the film was shown in a San Francisco-based Viz Cinema theater from October 8–14, 2010. Distribution in North America is handled by Manga Entertainment.

After several delays, the Redline  DVD and Blu-Ray releases hit store shelves on November 14, 2011.



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