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Evil Dead

Evil Dead is a 2013 American horror film co-written and directed by Fede Alvarez. It is the fourth installment of the Evil Dead franchise, serving as both a reboot and as a loose continuation of the series. It is the first not to be directed by Sam Raimi.

The film is the feature debut of Alvarez, whom Raimi selected. It was produced by Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Robert G. Tapert: the writer-director, lead actor, and producer of the original trilogy respectively. The film had its world premiere at the South by Southwest festival on March 8, 2013. On March 9, it was announced that a sequel was in development.




Movie2k Free Movies To Watch – Evil Dead – Plot

An injured and staggering girl is captured in the woods. She awakens tied to a post in a basement, with many people present, including an old woman reading from an ancient book and saying her soul must be saved. The girl’s father is about to light her on fire, and she initially pleads for him to save her but then quickly reveals she is possessed, her skin turning pale and her eyes yellow. She is then set on fire before her father shoots her in the head.

Some time later, a group of friends are meeting at an old cabin deep in the woods. Mia is attempting to detox from an opiate addiction with the support of her friends Eric – a school teacher, Olivia – a registered nurse, Mia’s brother David, and his girlfriend Natalie – a girl from David’s car shop. David’s appearance surprises Mia, as their relationship became strained since their mother’s hospitalization and subsequent death.

Mia became addicted to opiates, and the retreat was her latest attempt to attain sobriety. Upon arriving, Mia complains consistently about a stench of death in the cabin. The rest of the group are incapable of smelling it, and Olivia suggests she is hypersensitive from withdrawal. David’s dog begins sniffing at a throw rug in the main room, and David pulls it aside, revealing a door to a secret cellar. David opens the hatch, and the stench of death becomes immediately apparent to the entire group. In the first room of the cellar are various animal corpses suspended from the ceiling and wrapped in barbed wire. Through the next door they discover a burned corpse a book, the Naturom Demonto, covered in a black trash bag and wrapped in barbed wire. Despite repeated warnings scrawled on its page not to write, say, or hear the book’s incantations, Eric does all three of these things, tracing the crossed out incantations with pencil and paper and reading them aloud. Consequently, Mia begins seeing images of a demonic figure. Terrified she is losing her sanity, she pleads with the group to leave, but they unite behind Olivia’s decision to remain there. Desperate, Mia steals one of the group’s vehicles and speeds off down the road, intent on escape. The demonic being appears in the middle of the road, inciting her to swerve off the path and crash violently into a shallow pond. When she comes to and begins extracting herself from the vehicle, the demonic being appears again, and pursues her. In her flight, Mia trips and tumbles into a thicket of vicious thorns, which become animated and wrap themselves around her arms, legs, and neck, choking her. The demon appears once more, directly in front of her, and emits from its mouth a tendril of tangled thorn branches. In a redux of the original film’s infamous tree rape scene, the tendril slithers down the demon’s body, along the ground, and ascends in a spiral up Mia’s leg before disappearing entirely up her dress (and implicitly, entirely into Mia) initiating her possession.

The group find Mia and take her back to the cabin where she attempts to warn David, but the group (skeptical because of her having abandoned previous interventions) believes she is trying to leave to find more drugs. Olivia remarks that Mia seemed to have “run into some thorn bushes,” and speculates Mia may have even done so on purpose to further her case. Olivia’s notable omission of any detail pertaining to the serious damage that would’ve resulted from the tree-rape, seems to imply the attack was semi-psychological rather than wholly physical. A now-possessed Mia kills the family dog, Grandpa, with a hammer and then burns her face in a boiling hot shower, with major injuries. David attempts to drive her to a hospital, but rainfall has flooded the roads.

Back at the cabin, Olivia gives Mia a strong sedative, but Mia approaches the group in the living room and shoots her brother in the arm with a double-barreled shotgun. Then Mia screams loudly and she tells the group (in a demonic voice), “You are all going to die tonight!” before collapsing to the floor. Olivia approaches Mia to retrieve the shotgun, but Mia attacks her, vomiting red, blood-like liquid on Olivia’s face. In the struggle, possessed Mia falls into the cellar and Eric locks her in. As Olivia attempts to retrieve more sedatives, she becomes possessed. Directed by a force documented in the book, Olivia cuts the skin off the lower half of her face with a piece of glass. When Eric tries to stop her, she attempts to stab him to death with the glass shard and a syringe but is stopped when he breaks off a piece of the sink and smashes her head.

While David treats Eric’s wounds, Natalie hears Mia call her name and goes to her in the cellar, only to be bitten on the left hand by the possessed Mia. Mia taunts Natalie by slicing her tongue in front of Natalie and vomiting blood into her mouth. Natalie escapes, but the wound on her hand spreads up her left arm and becomes possessed. She eventually regains focus during the possession and is forced to cut off her arm with an electric knife to prevent the spread.

Eric shares that the book notes that the demon, known as the Abomination (Randal Wilson), needs to devour five souls in order to emerge into the world of the living. To do this, the Abomination has attached itself to Mia’s soul, and the only ways to save her soul are to burn her, bury her alive, or dismember her. His attempts to destroy the book itself are shown to be futile. A now-possessed Natalie attacks David and Eric with a nail gun and then later she beats Eric with a crowbar before she is killed by David. David resolves to burn Mia and the cabin down, but at the last minute decides on a different plan.

David enters the cellar with tranquilizers but possessed Mia attacks him. Eric saves him, but is stabbed to death in the process. David places a plastic bag over Mia’s head and buries her, while she taunts him. After Mia dies, he digs her up and shocks her heart back to life with a car battery. She revives, the possession (and her earlier injuries) now removed. David goes back into the house for the car keys and pauses to retrieve a family photo; he is then suddenly attacked by Eric, who has come back to life and is possessed. The mortally wounded David gives Mia the keys, tells her to leave, and locks her out of the house. Eric warns David, “He’s coming”. David burns down the cabin by shooting a container of gasoline.

Mia recovers the protective talisman necklace David had given her earlier (although she had destroyed it), but the next stage of the prophesized curse takes place: it begins to rain blood, and the Abomination crawls out of the ground. After a long fight-and-chase sequence, including the Abomination’s pinning Mia’s arm under the jeep, forcing her to tear off her left hand, Mia manages to kill the demon with a chainsaw, and it sinks back into the ground. The blood rain stops as dawn breaks, and Mia wanders away from the ruins of the cabin and the overturned Jeep. The film concludes with the Naturom Demonto closing on its own, but remains on the ground’s surface.

During the end credits, audio is heard from the original film, of Professor Raymond Knowby telling about his discovery of the Naturom Demonto. Then, in a brief post-credits scene, an older Ash Williams recites his iconic line from the original films, “Groovy,” and turns to the audience.




Movie2k Free Movies To Watch – Evil Dead – Cast

Jane Levy as Mia
Shiloh Fernandez as David
Lou Taylor Pucci as Eric
Jessica Lucas as Olivia
Elizabeth Blackmore as Natalie
Randal Wilson as Abomination Mia
Inca as Grandpa the Dog
Phoenix Connolly as Teenager
Jim McLarty as Harold
Sian Davis as Old Woman
Stephen Butterworth as Toothless Redneck
Karl Willetts as Long Haired Redneck
Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams (uncredited cameo appearance)

Movie2k Free Movies To Watch – Evil Dead – Production

Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues co-wrote the script, which was then doctored by Diablo Cody in an effort to Americanize the dialogue since English was not the writers’ first language. However so few of her edits were actually used in the finished film that the Writers Guild of America ruled in favor of leaving her out of the credits. The film was produced by Raimi, Campbell, and Robert G. Tapert — the producers of the original trilogy.

Raimi and Campbell had planned a remake for many years, but in 2009, Campbell stated the proposed remake was “going nowhere” and had “fizzled” due to extremely negative fan reaction. However, in April 2011, Bruce Campbell stated in an AskMeAnything interview on Reddit.com, “We are remaking Evil Dead. The script is awesome […] The remake’s gonna kick some ass — you have my word.”

On July 13, 2011, it was officially announced, via a press release, that Ghost House Pictures would produce the remake of The Evil Dead, and Diablo Cody was in the process of revising the script and Fede Alvarez had been chosen as the director. Actor Shiloh Fernandez was cast in the lead male role of David. Bloody Disgusting reported that Lily Collins would play the lead female role of Mia, but on January 24, 2012, she dropped out of the role.

On February 3, 2012, it was announced that actress Jane Levy, star of the television series Suburgatory, would replace Collins in the lead female role as Mia. Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore, and Jessica Lucas later joined the cast.

In January 2013, Alvarez commented on the ambiguity of the film’s relationship to the original:

Now, the way I personally like to see Evil Dead (2013), it’s as a story that takes place 30 years after The Evil Dead ended. The car is there, the cabin is there (a family bought it and did some work on it more than 20 years ago) and the book has found its way back to the cabin… New kids will encounter it and suffer its wrath. Is Evil Dead a sequel then? Maybe. But the problem with the sequel theory would be that there are too many coincidences between the events on The Evil Dead and the ones on Evil Dead to have happened on a continuous story line […] But if you believe the Naturom Demonto can force these things to happen… then it could be a sequel… and I do believe in coincidences.

Alvarez, who also has a background in computer-generated imagery, also confirmed in an interview that the film does not employ CGI (except for touch-ups): “We didn’t do any CGI in the movie […] Everything that you will see is real, which was really demanding. This was a very long shoot, 70 days of shooting at night. There’s a reason people use CGI; it’s cheaper and faster, I hate that. We researched a lot of magic tricks and illusion tricks.”




Movie2k Free Movies To Watch – Evil Dead – Reception

Evil Dead garnered generally positive reviews from critics, praising the terrifying sequences of blood and gore, but criticizing for its lack of humor from the original. The film has earned a score of 62% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 130 reviews with an average rating of 6.2/10; the consensus states: “It may lack the absurd humor that underlined the original, but the new-look Evil Dead compensates with brutal terror, gory scares, and gleefully bloody violence.” On Metacritic, the film holds a 57% rating, indicating “mixed or average reviews”.

Evan Dickson from Bloody Disgusting reviewed the film at SXSW, and went on to say that “Evil Dead is amazingly gory and fun” and gave the film 4/5 stars. Chris Tilly of IGN gave Evil Dead 9/10, and called the movie a “terrifying, exhilarating and relentlessly entertaining new chapter in the Evil Dead story”. John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter also gave the film a positive review, calling it a “remake that will win the hearts of many of the original’s fans.” Independent horror review site HorrorTalk gave the film four stars out of five saying it is “the most unrelenting and bloody horror film to come out of a major studio in a very long time”. Emma Simmonds of The List commented, “Evil Dead has ample cheap shocks and few bloodcurdling frights but it builds to something gorily bravura and, if that’s your bag, you’ll come away satisfied. It’s a while before anyone picks up a chainsaw, but boy is it worth it when they do.” Matt Singer called the film “an assault on the senses” and “a success, one that out-Evil Deads the original movie with even more gore, puke, blood, and dismembered limbs. It may not be wildly inventive, but it is effective, and plenty faithful to the spirit — and tagline — of the first ‘Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror.'”

Richard Roeper rated the film one star out of four, criticising the film’s unoriginality, the characters lack of intelligence, and the films reliance on gore for what he felt were cheap scares. He concluded his review by saying, “I love horror films that truly shock, scare and provoke. But after 30 years of this stuff, I’m bored to death and sick to death of movies that seem to have one goal: How can we gross out the audience by torturing nearly every major character in the movie?”





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